Our Workplace Culture

Customer First. Empowerment. Opportunities

The culture in our workplace is a reflection of our core values and the way we work and lead. The way we work and lead at Morningstar Living can be described by this acronym…C E O, and that doesn’t stand for Chief Executive Officer…it is the code for our workplace culture.

Why Team Members Work Here

“When I was at a crossroads in my career, Morningstar Living offered me an opportunity to go back to school to become a certified nurse aide with their “Earn and Learn program”. The transition from being a teacher to joining the medical field was smooth because I had a lot of support from my co-workers and supervisors. Making the decision to join Morningstar living has been rewarding and I am grateful to work in such a caring and warm environment.”

Shannon Singerling CNA

“Working here is so different from other healthcare organizations I've worked with. The environment is a beautiful home environment... not clinical at all. And I love the fact that I see the same residents every day, because they live here. That enables me to get to know the residents that I'm caring for, so I can give them the best care possible.”

Rocio Hunt
RN Evening Supervisor
2 Years at Morningstar Living

“Morningstar Living’s mission drives all of us in the same direction. And that’s what unites us as team members. We’re all passionate and committed to what we do here.”

Coleen Snyder
19 Years at Morningstar Living

“Innovation is a priority of Morningstar Living. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas for improving the services we provide for the residents who live here.”

Ken Robertson
HVAC Technician
5 Months at Morningstar Living

“Having the flexibility to work the schedule that is best for my family is important to me… because my family is my top priority.”

Michele Clauss
Good Spirit Café Attendant
10 Years at Morningstar Living

“The best way to explain my job is being of service to the residents who live here. Helping residents get to appointments or wherever they need to go helps them and makes them happy.”

Ed Marakovits
3 Years at Morningstar Living

“Planning programs, events and activities to get residents connected and involved in all there is to do at our community is the best job I’ve ever had.”

Carol Stout
Assistant Director of Neighborhood Life
14 Years at Morningstar Living

“Taking care of the same residents year after year allows you to develop relationships and wouldn’t be possible in other health care settings...that’s what is so unique about working here.”

Charles Hildenbrandt
30 Years at Morningstar Living

“I’ve worked here my entire career… beginning in culinary services after I graduated from high school. I was promoted to different positions over the years and am now an officer of the company, responsible for housekeeping, laundry, transportation and maintenance services.”

Matt Matejcek
Chief Environmental Services Officer
24 Years at Morningstar Living

“I feel respected, valued and appreciated as a team member. And that makes me passionate about what I do.”

Viola Karyea
Kitchen Utility & Dietary Aide
17 Years at Morningstar Living

“During college, I was working as a part-time server in the Rose Inn Restaurant at Moravian Hall Square, and in the Marketing Department as an intern. This made me an ideal candidate for a full-time marketing position when it became available.”

Eric Snyder
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
10 Years at Morningstar Living

“What I love about working at Morningstar Living is the emphasis on professional development and career advancement. When I started working at Morningstar Living, I was a CNA. Through leadership coaching, mentoring and financial assistance for my education, I was able to earn my LPN degree.”

Shannon Eberly
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
17 Years at Morningstar Living

Wellness Assessments & Programs

Your health is important to us.

We want team members to be and stay healthy. For this reason we provide on-going health and wellness education and information, as well as encourage team members to utilize the fitness facilities and nutrition programs at our communities.

Interactive Health

We want team members to be and stay healthy. For this reason we’ve put an interactive, preventative health program into place for all Morningstar Living team members. Through online assessments, education, presentations and information, team members are empowered to adopt new habits to improve their health.


To further promote an emphasis on team member health and wellness, we’ve created an internal rewards program (called MorWell) to reward team members for engaging in healthy activities that lead to good health and wellness.

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Quality of Life activities are developed and assigned a credit value. Credits are earned as team members complete specific activities to win prizes.

Assistance for Challenges & Needs

Life brings with it unexpected emergencies. At any time a team member can have an emergency…a health event, a physical disaster at home, etc. These kinds of emergencies create stress and mental anguish which threaten our health and well-being. Our organization provides resources to help team members through these tough times.

Spiritual Services

We’re one of the few business operations that has the good fortune of having our own spiritual advisor as a team member. Reverend Tracy Robinson is a full-time chaplain at Morningstar Living. And because we believe spiritual health is foundational to physical health and well-being, Chaplain Tracy is a spiritual resource and advisor for every team member who works at Morningstar Living.

Wellness Amenities

Onsite Walking Trails

Working at an organization that builds lifestyle campuses for retirees gives you an added benefit…you have access to excellent outdoor amenities to walk, read and take in the beautiful natural environments that have been preserved and enhanced with walking trails, fountains and patios.

Onsite Fitness Center

A state-of-the-art fitness center is available to team members. The center is equipped with weight equipment, chest and leg presses, ellipticals, treadmills and stationery and spinning bikes. Aerobic and spin classes are also offered.

Onsite Café for Meals

The Good Spirit Café is open to employees for breakfast, lunch and dinner and anytime snacks. The menu features a large selection of healthy, made-to-order items, home-made soups, salads and hot-specialized entrees. Perfect for your meal break or “take home” enough for the whole family.

Onsite General Store

The Good Spirit General Store is the place where you can purchase cards, snacks, health and beauty supplies, slippers, jewelry, bags and gift items. Merchandise changes often throughout the year to include seasonal and holiday gifts and decorations. Team members even get a discount!

Let’s Do Better – Together

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