Financial Plans

There are two types of Financial Plans to choose from: Life Care and Fee-For-Service.

These plans let YOU decide how you want to pay for future health care services at Moravian Hall Square – if and when you need them.”

What is a Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan makes it possible for you to pay a stable, monthly fee, regardless of the health care services you need in the future. Having a Life Care Plan is the only way you can avoid the high costs of long term care in Assisted Living, Memory Support Care and 24/7 Nursing Care.

The financial components of having a Life Care Plan include an Entrance Fee and a Monthly Fee. The amount of each is based on the style of residential accommodation you choose, the number of occupants (1 or 2) and the Entrance Fee Refund Option you select. There is a tax benefit associated with having a Life Care Plan.

What is a Fee-for-Service Plan?

A Fee-for-Service Plan includes all of the benefits of living at Moravian Hall Square, including access to health care services in Assisted Living, Memory Support Care and Nursing Care. The difference is you pay the full market rate for the care you need, when you need it. However, the initial Entrance Fee and Monthly Fee you pay are less than a Life Care Plan.

Similar to the Life Care Plan, the amount of the Entrance Fee and Monthly Fee are based on the style of residential accommodation you choose, the number of occupants (1 or 2) and the Entrance Fee Refund Option you select.

Entrance Fee Refund Options

Whether you choose a Life Care Plan or a Fee-for-Service Plan, you select which Entrance Fee Refund Option is best for you:

50 Month Refund 75% Refund
2% of the Entrance Fee* per month up to 50 Months. Refund is fully amortized at the end of 50 months. Lifetime refund amount equal to 75% of the Entrance Fee*.

*With Life Care Plans, a life care fee per person is deducted before a refund calculation is made.

The comprehensive list of services below are included in your monthly fee:

  • Bi-Monthly Housekeeping (including linens and towels)
  • Telephone (local and long distance)
  • All Utilities (heat, electric, water, sewer, trash removal, cable, internet & telephone)
  • Flexible Dining Plan
  • Home Repairs & Maintenance
  • Groundskeeping & Snow Removal
  • Home Appliances (refrigerator, garbage disposal, stove, oven, microwave, washer & dryer)
  • Emergency Call System
  • Community Programming for Wellness, Education, Enrichment & Recreation
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Care Coordination (Health Care Management, Navigation & Oversight)



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