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Healthy aging is as much about the way you live your life, as it is about the environment you live in.

And that means staying ACTIVE, CONNECTED and ENGAGED in life. For this reason, Morningstar Living developed its own multi-faceted, customized plan of health and wellness for residents living at Moravian Hall Square. The plan, called Vibrancy, is based on program activities and opportunities that enable residents to THRIVE, no matter where they are on the healthy aging journey. Every resident has a personal plan to be the most active, connected and engaged in life as possible.

This is the key to healthy aging.

Live longer.
Live healthier.
Live vibrantly.

30% of longevity is hardwired into our DNA.
70% of longevity is due to lifestyle habits & behaviors.

As individuals we can positively influence how long and how well we live by making good lifestyle choices. At Morningstar Living there is a professional culinary team that plans and cooks nutritional meals for residents living at Moravian Hall Square. But good nutrition isn’t the only thing that can impact longevity and wellness. Spirituality, physical and mental activity, socialization and connection to purpose in living….all of these things contribute to a person’s vibrancy and wellness.

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