Senior Solutions FAQs

  • What is Home Care?

    A professional service provided to allow you to maintain your quality of life while remaining safe wherever you call “home.”

  • What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health Care?

    Home care is private care in your home for 2 hours or more at a time to assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Companionship and Socialization. Home Health Care is a visiting nurse who visits 2-3 times a week for 45 min each visit to check on a specific medical condition, provide wound care, blood work and monitor vital signs to name a few.

  • Who can benefit from Home Care?

    Anyone who desires assistance with ADLs, companionship, errands, socialization and transportation with the goal of maintaining independence, dignity and safety wherever they call home.

  • What services can Home Caregivers provide?

    They can provide assistance with ADLs (bathing, exercise, meals, dressing) as well as medication reminders, light house cleaning, errands, grocery shopping, transportation, companionship and socialization.

  • Who pays for Home Care?

    Home Care is paid for by the person receiving the services. There are some Long Term Care Insurance plans that cover home care as well as the VA.

  • How much does Home Care from Senior Solutions cost?

    Competitively priced at $25.50 per hour for 2 or more hours of service. There is no increase for evenings, overnights or weekends. (A flat fee of $57 applies for less than 2 hours.)

  • Does Medicare or other Health Insurance pay for Home Care?

    Unfortunately no. Some Long Term Care Insurance Policies and VA benefits do cover Home Care services which we can help to arrange.

  • What is Care Management?

    A professional service that assists in the planning and coordination of aging life care issues to promote quality of life and independence.

  • How can Care Management help?

    Certified Care Managers can assist clients, family and responsible persons in complex situations involving health, advocacy, legal issues, local resources, housing and long term living, education and crisis intervention.

  • What is the difference between Home Care and Care Management?

    Home Care is assistance with activities of daily living, companionship and socialization; Care Management is assistance with a client’s overall situation providing recommendation and interventions to maintain a maximum level of functioning at various stages of older adulthood.

  • How much does Senior Solutions Care Management cost?

    An initial Care Management Consult with a Certified Care Manager at Senior Solutions’ office is $225. An in-home consult conducted by a Certified Care Manager is $300. On-going care management services provided by a Certified Care Manager are billed at $140/hour.

  • Does Medicare or other Health Insurance pay for Care Management services?

    Unfortunately no. There are some long term care insurance policies that cover Care Management but other than that it is private pay.

  • What is a Care Cost Valuation and how much does it cost?

    A Care Cost Valuation is a professionally prepared and certified estimate of the cost of care that someone needs or is being provided. It can involve an examination of finances in order to determine care options that are affordable. Or it can be the assignment of a value to home care services being provided by a family member. The cost to perform a Care Cost Valuation is $300.

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