Morningstar Living and Moravian Manor Communities Explore Forming Affiliation


Morningstar Living and Moravian Manor Communities—two faith-based, not-for-profit pillars in senior living in Pennsylvania—are exploring opportunities for working together in a more meaningful, formal way. In a milestone event, Susan Cooper Drabic, Morningstar Living’s President and CEO since 1990, is announcing her retirement within the next several months. The intent to explore an affiliation follows the resourcefulness and bold decision making of the communities’ founding leaders. After the Boards and related task forces conduct their due diligence, should the resolution to affiliate be approved, J. David Swartley, President and CEO of Moravian Manor Communities, would take on the key leadership role for both Life Plan Communities.

“One of the fundamental benefits of exploring an affiliation with Moravian Manor Communities is that our two entities are sister organizations and are very culturally aligned,” stated Drabic. “Both communities were founded by the Eastern District of the Moravian Church. As such, we have always maintained a very collegial relationship. This feels like a very natural progression so we can continue to be successful 30 years from now.”

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