Charles Hildenbrandt is LeadingAge PA Direct Caregiver of the Year

For over thirty-three years Charles has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of residents and patients he has served. He began working in our Health & Wellness Center at Moravian Hall Square in November 1990. Through the years Charles has received numerous awards and recognition from Morningstar Living. He has been identified as Employee of the Month on numerous occasions; won the Morningstar Living Employee of the Year Award in 1995; awarded Morningstar Living’s Customer Service Award in 2001; received Morningstar Living’s Save the Planet Award in 2016 to recognize Charles’ passion for promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices among his team members; and in 2019 Charles was awarded Morningstar Living’s Power of Community Award, a prestigious award designed to honor the employee who most exemplifies the qualities of a grass roots leader with proven ability to inspire, engage, and encourage team members to raise the bar for excellence in the delivery of person-centered care.

Further evidence of the impact Charles’ work has on resident and patient family members is the fact that Charles’ name is most frequently mentioned in satisfaction surveys that are completed by residents and patients who receive care in Morningstar Living’s Health & Wellness Center at Moravian Hall Square. The outstanding reviews Charles receives most often include detailed comments about his professionalism, helpfulness, attention to detail, and the positive and meaningful experience Charles creates for the residents and patients under his care.

It is truly amazing and wonderful to see Charles’ impressive list of skills, experience, and talents recognized in this way!

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