Helping Your Parents “Live life well”

We all want to live in our homes forever. But what happens when our parents are no longer able to manage in their home? This is the time when they need us the most.

It was a difficult decision moving our parents from their home, because they really wanted to live at home forever. Mom had always been the one caring for everyone else in the family. But her dementia changed that and she needed care. As a family we strategized ways to keep our parents safe and secure in their home. Dad wasn’t enthusiastic about a move, but after Mom had a bad fall, he agreed to have us move them to Moravian Hall Square on a trial basis.

The accommodations and amenities at Moravian Hall Square are world class. Mom and Dad wanted to remain living together as a couple, and we wanted that for them. So we moved them into an Assisted Living Apartment at Moravian Hall Square. These apartments are beautiful and private, and allowed our parents to live together as a couple. Outside the door to Mom and Dad’s private apartment was a whole new living environment filled with daily recreation and activities to keep them active and socially engaged in living.

A culture of loving care. From the minute you walk in the door at Moravian Hall Square, you know you are somewhere that is extraordinary. There is a culture that is present everywhere and felt with everyone you come in contact with…from the receptionist, to the housekeepers, to maintenance workers, to dining team members…you feel as though you’re a part of the Moravian Hall Square family. But no role is played more lovingly and compassionately than the skilled professionals who took care of our parents each and every day. The care team honored and respected our parents and wanted to engage with our entire family. We began to think of Mom and Dad’s caregivers as members of our own family.

Moravian Hall Square also has a specialized dementia program. As Mom’s dementia progressed she received the BEST in dementia care in a very special and unique environment in Galilee House at Moravian Hall Square. Galilee House has the reputation of being one of the most innovative dementia programs in the country because it offers a home-like and household environment for living, with professional caregivers who are specially trained in dementia care.

Transitions parents face because of health issues are the most difficult chapters in their lives, and in the lives of their children. Today, we adult children are part of the “sandwich generation” that is caught between managing our lives with our children and their families, and managing the lives of our parents. When you begin to notice red flags and dangers in your parents’ lives, this is the time when they need you most…to help them turn to the next chapter in their lives.


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